Kölnpfad 2024 / Cologne Path 2024

Cologne – regarded as “the most beautiful city in the world” by its inhabitants – is hosting the KÖLNPFAD Ultra Race again!

Großbritannien FlaggeYes, it is back, the Ultra Race along the Cologne Path.
After the two first events in 2009 and 2011, which were organized by Wolfgang Olbrich, the years 2012 to 2014 have been void of Cologne Path ultra races.
In these years my „Cologne heart” has been filled with sorrow and it was beating only very, very slowly… But now, since 2015, the Cologne Path Ultra Race returned!
And “Twentytwentyfour” we will offer the 171 K long Cologne Path for the seventh time.

The Cologne Path is a 171 K long hiking path around the city of Cologne. Completing it guarantees a very rich and diverse experience:

…You will pass through nature along the urban fringe of the city including idyllic park landscapes, recreation areas, forests, meadows and fields, the green belt, the wetlands of the Rhine river in the North and in the South, the lake district in the North, the “King’s forest” (Königsforst), and the heather fields of Cologne-Wahn.
…You will pass through industrial areas such as logistics centres, highways, and railway tracks.
…You will cross the harbour of Cologne-Niehl and you will cross the Rhine river twice.
…And you will pass by historical and cultural sites such as ancient forts, remarkable churches, the Roman aqueducts in Cologne-Klettenberg, castles in Bergisch Gladbach Bensberg and Cologne-Wahn, the castle grounds in Cologne-Stammheim with its many sculptures, and the Rhine villages in the North and South.

The Cologne Path was officially inaugurated in September 2008 and was awarded 3rd place in “Germanys most beautiful hiking paths 2014“.

The „Cologne Eifel Society“ (Kölner Eifelverein) developed and marked the Cologne Path – on a volunteer basis. The path symbol is a white circle on a black background, but for all runners who love their electronic devices, there is also a GPS route available.

The event is as a public event for a special circle of European ultra-runners and it starts on Saturday, June 29, 2024 at 2:00 a.m. local time.
The maximum time for the finish is 30 hours, which means you must pass the finish line not later than Sunday, June 30, 2024 at 8.00 a.m. (Cut-off time).

Too long for you? The Cologne Path is accompanied by hikes 171 K, 100 K, 50 K and 35 K.
All races end up at the common finish line, Thuleweg, Cologne, on Sunday, June 30, 2024 at 8.00 a.m. (Cut-off time).

After the races there will be a great finisher party with a huge pasta and salad buffet, starting Sunday, June 30, 2024 at approxiately 12:00 a.m., with the winning award ceremony and the handout of the buckles for all finisher.

The announcements can be found here.
The obligatory disclaimer is available here.

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